Yick Cheong Ho - Retail location

- Yick Cheong Ho -

Retail location in Melbourne (Asian grocery + Hong Kong Style restaurant)

⭕️Not all products are available at specific retail locations
⭕️Website is up to date -> whole collection available
⭕️Please contact us if you have any enquiries🫶

Glen Waverley
- The Glen Asian grocery 新興雜貨
- The lucky Guys Cafe 行運餐廳
- Dong Ben Mini Mart 東本
- Pacific Asian Market 愛客天天亞洲超市
- Golden Harvest Cafe 嘉禾餐廳(coming soon)
Box Hill
- Downtown grocery 好鄰居
- Hu Hui Supermarket (SP033, 17 Market St) (coming soon)
Box Hill South
- Kowloon Cafe 866 九龍冰室
- Hong Kong Supermarket 香港超市
Wantirna South
- 香港仔茶餐廳 Fai’s Cafe
Mount Waverley
- TK Asian Supermarket
Burwood East
- Burwood Highway Asian Grocery亞洲百貨
- Giro Phat 協發食品超級市場
Point Cook
- One By One Asian grocery萬品匯
Manifold Heights
- Fresh Land Food Asian Supermarket 澳亞超市
- 運時食品中心
- KT mart
- 金鳯士多

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